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United Nations Interim Security Force in Abyei Accommodation Renovation Project

Abyei Area is a region in Sudan with special administrative status. South Sudan claims sovereignty over the area, but it is still under de facto control by Sudan. Abyei connects northern and southern Sudan and is rich in resources, including large amounts of oil. Originally the land inhabited by the Dinka people, the rich oil reserves later intensified the competition between the north and the south.

This project is the renovation of the temporary residence of the United Nations Security Forces in Abyei. The types of PE pipes used are: DN90, DN110, DN225, DN315, DN450, with a total length of dozens of kilometers. Produced by HENAN HESU PIPE Co., Ltd.

HENAN HESU PIPE has successively obtained national high-tech enterprise, five-star after-sales service certification, quality management system certification, environmental management system and other certifications;



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