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What should you pay attention to before buying PE pipe?

Before you prepare to buy PE pipes, you may wish to read this article, it may be helpful to you.


There are countless functions of PE pipes. The most important ones are nothing more than being used as domestic drinking water pipes and sewage pipes. So, we just need to identify the good uses and select the appropriate pipes.

1: First, let’s talk about how to choose PE pipes for drinking water.


Since drinking water is directly related to people’s health, pipes that meet health and safety standards must be selected. You must choose national standard PE pipes, and the manufacturer must have a drinking water sanitation license. To put it bluntly, you must have relevant qualifications!

In addition, operating pressure must also be considered. Domestic drinking water systems also have certain requirements for pipeline pressure, so when selecting, make sure that the selected pipeline can withstand the operating pressure of the system.


2: Sewage pipe selection:


For sewage pipes, if there are no special requirements for pressure, you can choose non-standard PE pipes. Although this kind of pipeline may not be as good as national standard pipelines in some performance parameters, its price is more affordable and suitable for some projects with limited budgets.

When choosing non-standard PE pipes, you should understand the limitations of its performance parameters, such as tensile strength, etc. Avoid situations that may cause pipe damage during use.



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