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Dredging suction rubber hose

Instantaneous maximum output power
Arc welding output
Single point, automatic, intelligent operation, continuous arc welding,welding resistance output
Continuous arc welding
Welding wire0.2-3.0mm
Automatic output current
Output pulse current 5-200(adjustable)
Automatic welding time
Output welding time 5-999(adjustable)
Automatic interval
Continuous arc welding output current

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Rubber joints, also known as flexible rubber connectors or expansion joints, offer several advantages and have a wide range of applications across various industries.

Rubber joint

Rubber joint

Advantages of Rubber Joints:

Rubber joint

Rubber joint

Vibration Absorption: Rubber joints effectively reduce vibration and noise generated by equipment such as pumps, fans, and compressors. This property helps in extending the lifespan of machinery and creating a more comfortable working environment.

Compensation for Misalignment: They accommodate minor misalignments in piping systems, which may occur due to installation errors or as structures settle over time. This flexibility prevents stress on pipes and fittings, reducing the risk of leaks or breaks.

Thermal Expansion and Contraction: Rubber joints can absorb the expansion and contraction of piping systems caused by temperature changes. This capability is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the system under varying thermal conditions.

Ease of Installation: They are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to install or replace compared to metal joints. This can lead to significant savings in labor and downtime costs.

Chemical Resistance: Made from different types of rubber, some rubber joints are resistant to chemicals, acids, and alkalis, making them suitable for use in chemical processing plants or in applications where the piping system is exposed to corrosive substances.




Uses of Rubber Joints:

Rubber joint

Rubber joint

Water and Wastewater Treatment: In water treatment facilities, rubber joints are used to prevent damage to pipes and equipment from vibration, thermal expansion, and water hammer.

HVAC Systems: They are employed in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to absorb vibrations and noise from equipment like chillers and cooling towers.

Industrial Manufacturing: Rubber joints find applications in various manufacturing processes, where they help in reducing mechanical stress on pipelines caused by machine vibrations and thermal movements.

Power Generation: In power plants, they are used to absorb thermal expansion in piping systems and to isolate vibrations from pumps and generators.

Marine Applications: On ships and in dockside applications, rubber joints are used to absorb movements and vibrations, ensuring the integrity of piping systems under dynamic conditions.

Rubber joints are a versatile and essential component in any system where piping is subjected to mechanical or thermal stress, vibration, or where a flexible connection is required to maintain system integrity and operation.

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    Packaging Details: Our Rubber joints are securely packed in containers or as per customer’s requirements to ensure the pipes are delivered to customers in good condition. We use strong and durable materials for packaging to protect pipes during shipping and to accommodate a variety of pipe sizes and quantities.

    Delivery Details: We guarantee prompt delivery, orders are shipped within 15 days after payment confirmation. No matter where you are, our efficient logistics network ensures that your orders are delivered promptly and safely. We strive to meet tight delivery deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of service and product quality.

    Welding machine

    Welding machine

    Hesupipe has obtained various certifications, including national high-tech enterprise certification, five-star after-sales service certification, quality management system certification and environmental management system certification.

    The company has a diversified customer base and has served more than 2,680 large enterprises, including well-known universities such as Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Zhejiang University, government agencies such as Taicang Water Conservancy Bureau, famous facilities such as Changzhou High-speed Railway Station, as well as Nongfu Spring, Country Garden Group, Nanjing Metro 4 Line and other well-known companies.

    Q: What is your MOQ?
    Answer: According to customer requirements.

    Q: Why choose us?
    A: We are a professional high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe factory, we provide one-stop service for piping systems with extremely competitive prices and fast delivery, and we ensure that our quality is second to none.

    Q: How to purchase products?
    A: Contact us via email or trade manager and tell us the products and quantity you need, we will contact you.

    We will contact you immediately. The more detailed information you provide, the faster and easier it will be for you to get a quote.

    Q: Can I make my own design and logo on the product?
    A: Yes, we do OEM. Global partners are welcome, we can produce your products in China.

    Q: What are the payment methods?
    A: Order amount <= USD 1,000, 100% prepaid. Order amount >= USD 1,000, 30% T/T in advance, balance paid before shipment.
    Order amount>20,000 USD, 30% prepayment by wire transfer, L/C payable on sight is acceptable for the balance.
    Order amount > USD 100,000, 100% L/C payable on sight.

    Q: Any other questions?
    A: Please click “Contact Us” to send us your questions. Thanks.


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