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HDPE corrugated pipe fittings Standard ISO4427/ IPS/DIPS Sizes DN225-DN800 or Custom

Quantity(Meters) 1 – 5000 5001 – 10000 10001 – 150000 >150000
Est. Time(days) 3 5 10 Negotiable

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Our manhole shaft uses PE  pipe, corrugated pipe or  winding pipe to adjust itself, so it is very much flexible, we  can intercept the  corresponding length according to site buried length. We use rubber seal ring at the connection of manhole shaft,inlet (outlet) pipe and manhole base,so that small inner angle changes can be made. It is convenient to install, not easy to leak, environment friendly and energy saving.

HDPE corrugated pipe fittings Benefits:

Well hydraulic conditions: 

plastic inspection chamber can bear high strength,impact,with strong corrosion resistance;Wells inside is sleek fluent,reducing congestion;1-3 times as the traditional rain pollution emission.

Construction installation convenient: 

can greatly improve the construction progress and construction efficiency more than five times as much as the traditional inspection Wells.

 Save energy: 

reduce the sewage disposal costs, energy saving.




Small covers of the area: 

change the traditional making method of inspection Wells limitation are above 700mm in diameter, reducing the area of inspection Wells.

Light weight: 

excellent durability chemical.

Environment friendly and recycled:

the products can be recycled.

HDPE corrugated pipe fittings Application:



Indoor building water supply

Outdoor Buried Industrial and Civil Building Water Supply and Drinking Water Pipelines

Industrial process and discharge pipe for conveying corrosive liquids

Mine, non-ferrous metal industry, pulp and non-ferrous metal smelting in the transport of corrosive media

Agricultural irrigation pipeline






Product Description


Item Typical Value
Ring Stiffness (KN/m2) SN4 ≥ 4
SN8 ≥ 8
TIR ≤10
Ring Flexibility  Smooth and evasive, no recurvation, no rupture, no withdraw in two walls
Drying Test Chamber No air bubble, no delamination, no dehicence
Creep Proportion ≤4
Leakage Test

No rupture, no leakage

Order No. Order No Suitable Flexible Metric Dimension AG Outer Packaging Unit
Black Grey Conduit Of Thread Diameter l C E F Units/Pack
LNE-SM-W-M12B LNE-SM-W-M12G AD10.0 M12×1.5 12 7 10 32 18 100
LNE-SM-W-M16B LNE-SM-W-M16G AD10.0 M16×1.5 16 10 10 32 20 100
LNE-SM-W-M12B LNE-SM-W-M12G AD11.6 M12×1.5 12 7 10 32 18 100
LNE-SM-W-M16B LNE-SM-W-M16G AD11.6 M16×1.5 16 10 10   34.5 20 100
LNE-SM-W-M16B LNE-SM-W-M16G AD13.0 M16×1.5 16 10 10   34.5 20 100
LNE-SM-W-M18B LNE-SM-W-M18G AD13.0 M18×1.5 18 10 10   35 24 100
LNE-SM-W-M20B LNE-SM-W-M20G AD13.0 M20×1.5 20 11 10   35 24 100
LNE-SM-W-M16B LNE-SM-W-M16G AD15.8 M16×1.5 16 11 10   37.5 24 100
LNE-SM-W-M18B LNE-SM-W-M18G AD15.8 M18×1.5 18 11 10   37.5 24 100
LNE-SM-W-M20B LNE-SM-W-M20G AD15.8 M20×1.5 20 12 10   37.5 24 50
LNE-SM-W-M20B LNE-SM-W-M20G AD18.5 M20×1.5 20 15 11.5   43.5 27 50
LNE-SM-W-M20B LNE-SM-W-M20G AD21.2 M20×1.5 20 15 13   49 31 50
LNE-SM-W-M24B LNE-SM-W-M24G AD21.2 M24×1.5 24 17 13   49 31 50
LNE-SM-W-M25B LNE-SM-W-M25G AD21.2 M25×1.5 25 17 13   49 31 50
LNE-SM-W-M25B LNE-SM-W-M25G AD25.0 M25×1.5 25 19.5 13   52 32 50
LNE-SM-W-M25B LNE-SM-W-M25G AD28.5 M25×1.5 25 19.5 13   57 34 50
LNE-SM-W-M27B LNE-SM-W-M27G AD28.5 M27×2.0 27 23 13   57 34 50
LNE-SM-W-M30B LNE-SM-W-M30G AD28.5 M30×2.0 30 23 13   57 34 50
LNE-SM-W-M32B LNE-SM-W-M32G AD28.5 M32×1.5 32 23 13   65 43 50
LNE-SM-W-M32B LNE-SM-W-M32G AD34.5 M32×1.5 32 27 14.5   65 43 20
LNE-SM-W-M36B LNE-SM-W-M36G AD34.5 M36×2.0 36 29 14.5   64 43 20
LNE-SM-W-M40B LNE-SM-W-M40G AD34.5 M40×1.5 40 29 14.5   64 43 20
LNE-SM-W-M40B LNE-SM-W-M40G AD42.5 M40×1.5 40 34 14.5   72 50 10
LNE-SM-W-M48B LNE-SM-W-M48G AD42.5 M48×2.0 48 36 14.5   72 50 10
LNE-SM-W-M50B LNE-SM-W-M50G AD54.5 M50×1.5 50 44 16   84 64 5
LNE-SM-W-M60B LNE-SM-W-M60G AD54.5 M60×1.5 60 48 16   84 64 5
LNE-SM-W-M63B LNE-SM-W-M63G AD54.5 M63×1.5 63 48 16   84 64 5


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    Packing Details: Our HDPE pipes are securely packed in containers or as per customer requirements, ensuring they reach you in perfect condition. We use robust materials for packaging to protect the pipes during transit, accommodating various sizes and quantities.

    Delivery Details: We guarantee a swift delivery process, with orders being dispatched within 15 days following payment confirmation. Our efficient logistics network ensures your order arrives promptly and safely, regardless of your location. We strive to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of service and product quality.

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    Our company actively participates in renowned building materials exhibitions around the world each year, including the Saudi Building Material Exhibition, Cambodia Building Material Exhibition, and Vietnam Building Material Exhibition, showcasing our innovative products in the industry. On these international stages, we not only present our state-of-the-art building materials and technologies but have also successfully established close cooperative relationships with clients globally.

    We warmly welcome partners to collaborate with us. You will benefit from industry-leading products, innovative solutions, and professional service support, exploring broader market opportunities together for mutual benefits. Let’s join hands in cooperation to create a better future!

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    Our Exhibition

    Our Exhibition

    Our Exhibition

    Our Exhibition

    Our Exhibition

    Located in Zhengzhou,Henan province,China,Henan Hesu Group Co.,Ltd was originally established in 1998 and started its 1st step of export in the year of 2007. Henan Hesu Group Co., Ltd.,a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the the production and sales of the new plastic pipe and providing professional and complete pipe solution.

    Our company persists in the core values of “integrity’ and which adheres to the corporate tenet of “realistic innowation, serving the society” . The company insist on positioning the high-end market and provides healthy and green quality life for the majority of users.

    True to its core value of “integrity”, Henan Hesu Group Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a world-class material provider, and which adhere to the corporate tenet of “realistic innovation, serving the society”. We insists on positioning the high-end market and provides healthy and green quality life for the majority of users.

    Q: What is your MOQ?

    A: As customer’s request.

    Q: Why choose us?

    A: We are a professional and leader of HDPE pipe factory, we offer pipeline system one stop services with competitive price and fast delivery time, and we insure our quality is the second to none.

    Q: How to buy the product?

    A: Contact with us by email or by Trade Manager, and inform us which product and quantity that you need, we will contact

    you immediately. More specify the information that you provided more faster and easier you will get the quotation.

    Q: Can I make my own design and logo on the product?

    A: Yes, we do OEM. Welcome partner from globally, we can make your product in China.

    Q: What’s the payment term?

    A:  Order amount <=1,000USD, 100% in advance. Order amount>=1,000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment.
    Order amount>20,000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance L/C at sight acceptable.
    Order amount>100,000USD, 100% L/C at sight acceptable.

    Q: Still have more questions?

    A: Please use the table below and send your questions to us. Thank you.


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