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A welding machine is a device used to join metal parts together by melting the materials at high temperatures, forming a strong bond as they cool. The heat source used in the welding process can be an electric arc, gas flame, laser, or electron beam, each suited to different types of materials and welding requirements. Welding machines are widely used in manufacturing, construction, automotive repair, and other fields requiring metal processing, making them essential tools for assembling and repairing metal structures.

A rubber joint, also known as a flexible rubber connector or expansion joint, is a component used in piping systems to absorb shocks, accommodate thermal expansion, and reduce noise. Made from rubber materials, it provides high flexibility and durability when transporting fluids through pipes. Rubber joints are commonly found in water supply, heating, air conditioning systems, and industrial pipelines, especially where seismic resistance and noise control are specifically required.

PVC solvent glue, also known as PVC cement, is a specialized adhesive used for bonding PVC pipe and fittings. This chemical solvent works by softening the surface of the PVC, allowing the pieces to fuse together as the solvent evaporates, creating a permanent bond that is water-tight and resistant to pressure. PVC solvent glue is essential for constructing durable PVC piping systems used in plumbing, irrigation, and various industrial applications. It is designed to ensure leak-proof connections, making it crucial for installations where a secure and long-lasting seal is necessary. The application process requires precise and clean preparation of the surfaces to be joined, followed by the appropriate application of the glue and sufficient curing time to achieve optimal bonding strength.

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