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Both are plastic drain pipes, PE drain pipes and PVC drain pipes, which one is better?

PE (Polyethylene) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) drain pipes are popular choices for drainage systems. Each type of drain pipe has unique advantages and is suitable for different environments and needs. Here is a simple comparison:


Advantages of PE Drain Pipes


– Corrosion resistance: PE pipes are resistant to acids and alkalis and are suitable for a variety of environments.
– Flexibility: They are elastic, not easy to break, and can withstand shocks well, which is very suitable for areas with complex geology.
– Low temperature resistance: PE pipes can still maintain durability in cold climates without becoming brittle.
– Lightweight and easy to install: They are easy to carry and install, which reduces construction costs.


Advantages of PVC Drain Pipes


– Mechanical strength: PVC pipes have high compressive strength and tensile strength and can withstand external forces well.
– Dimensional stability: They are not easy to deform, maintain their shape and drainage ability.
– Smooth inner wall: This results in low friction resistance and high drainage efficiency.
– Heat resistance: PVC pipes can withstand high temperatures without deformation and have stable performance.




– If you need corrosion resistance, flexibility, low temperature durability and low installation cost, choose PE drain pipe.

– If you need high mechanical strength, dimensional stability, heat resistance and efficient drainage, choose PVC drain pipe.

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