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Passionate winter—spend an unforgettable trip to the annual meeting with Henan Hesu Industry

The annual meeting of Henan Hesu Industrial Co., Ltd. will be held at the Hot Spring Tourist Resort from January 23 to January 24. As a well-known enterprise, Henan Hesu Industrial Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the concept of people-oriented, innovative development, and created a positive and dynamic working environment for employees. This annual meeting is a rare opportunity for us to review the achievements and gains of the past year together in a joyful atmosphere, and look forward to future development.

The activities are rich and diverse, including meetings, meals, skiing, off-road vehicle driving, hot spring bathing, etc. The first is the meeting. We will hold a unique annual summary meeting. At this meeting, the company’s senior management will report to everyone the work results and development plans of the past year, and will also commend outstanding employees, so that everyone can feel that their hard work has been recognized and rewarded.

Next is the dining session, where we will taste various delicacies at the top restaurants in the hot spring tourist resort. The dishes here are rich and varied, including authentic Henan cuisine, as well as Western food, Japanese food and other delicacies of various tastes. Everyone can enjoy the delicious food while talking about work and life to enhance mutual understanding and friendship.

Immediately following the skiing session, we will go to a nearby ski resort to experience exciting and interesting skiing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can sweat here and feel the speed and passion of skiing. At the same time, we will also organize some ski competitions to make the activities more interesting and interactive.

In addition to skiing, we will also drive off-road vehicles for a thrilling cross-country adventure. In this session, we will drive a professional off-road vehicle through rugged mountain roads to challenge our driving skills and courage. This is not only a way to exercise, but also an experience of teamwork, allowing us to support each other in the face of difficulties and overcome them together.

After the exciting activities, we also arranged a hot spring bath. Hot springs are a gift from nature. They can not only relieve fatigue, but also promote blood circulation and physical health. Relax in the hot springs and feel the temperature and power of the water, allowing our body and mind to be completely relaxed and restored.

Afterwards, we are going to visit the zoo. In the zoo, we have a variety of rare animals for you to watch, such as pandas, tigers, lions, giraffes, etc. At the same time, we also provide animal keeper interpretation services, so that you can learn about the animals’ living habits and protection knowledge while watching the animals.

In addition to the above activities, we also planned a viewing trip to the zoo. The zoo is a place full of vitality and vitality. We can appreciate various rare animals and learn about their living habits and awareness of conservation. This will be an educational and entertaining experience, allowing us to cherish and protect the natural environment more, and calling on everyone to work together to build a beautiful home.

We will take a group photo to leave beautiful memories of this annual meeting. This group photo will become a symbol of our team and witness our growth and development. No matter what difficulties and challenges we may face in the future, we will unite closely and work together to meet new challenges and opportunities.

The annual meeting of Henan Hesu Industrial Co., Ltd. will be an event full of joy and harvest. By participating in this annual meeting, we will have the opportunity to build closer ties with our colleagues and enhance mutual understanding and trust. At the same time, we can also relax our body and mind, enjoy the fun of life, and inject more motivation and passion into the new year. Let us look forward to this unforgettable moment and work together to create our own glory!

At the annual meeting of Henan Hesu Industrial Co., Ltd., we will not only be participants, but also creators and sharers. Through this event, we will demonstrate the vitality and cohesion of the enterprise and highlight the team’s cooperation and innovative spirit. Let us work together to write a glorious chapter for Henan Hesu Industrial Co., Ltd.!



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