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Teach you how to distinguish whether PE pipes are brand new!

Henan Hesu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction on how to identify whether the PE pipe is a brand new material. Here are several effective methods:


1. Observe the appearance and color:


Brand new PE pipes usually have a smooth surface, uniform color, and no obvious color difference or spots. The appearance of high-quality brand new PE pipes should be smooth and bright. If the surface of the pipe is obviously oxidized, yellowed or has a color difference, it may be made of recycled materials or adulterated materials.

Any obvious spots or inconsistent colors may indicate quality problems.

2. Smell:

Brand new PE pipes have no odor or organic solvent smell and should smell odorless. On the contrary, if you smell a pungent odor, it may be because the pipe contains recycled materials or other unqualified additives. Odorless materials are often safer and more environmentally friendly.

3. Check the logo:

Regular PE pipe products should have clear logos on the pipe body, including the name of the manufacturer, production date, model specifications and other information. Certified PE pipes usually come with relevant logos and certification certificates, which not only help track the source of the product, but also provide quality assurance.

4. Conduct physical performance tests:


In order to more accurately determine the quality and material of the pipe, physical performance tests such as tensile tests, impact tests, and ring stiffness tests can be performed on the pipe. These tests can provide scientific data to show the durability and reliability of the pipe. Through these tests, you can more confidently determine the quality of the pipe.

5. Ask the seller:

It is also an effective method to directly ask the seller about the production materials and production processes of the pipe, as well as the relevant certification status. Formal sellers should be able to provide detailed information and relevant certification documents. If the seller does not explain the production process and material source of the product clearly or ambiguously, then you need to choose carefully.

In general, to identify whether the PE pipe is a brand new material, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the appearance, smell, markings, and physical properties of the pipe. If you encounter difficulties or uncertainty in the identification process, you can contact Henan Hesu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. at any time, and we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional consulting services. You are welcome to call our service hotline: +86 156 1796 3811, and we will provide you with detailed answers and help.



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