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HESU pipe takes you to understand the characteristics of PE pipe

PE (polyethylene) pipes have gained significant traction in China’s municipal pipe market, displaying robust development alongside other plastic pipes like PP-R (polypropylene random copolymer) and UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) pipes. Here are some detailed characteristics and advantages of PE pipes, especially in their primary application markets of water supply and gas distribution:

– Lightweight : PE pipes are lighter than many other piping materials, making them easier to handle and transport.
– Simple Welding Process : The welding process for PE pipes is straightforward, facilitating easier and faster installation.
– Cost-Effective : The combination of ease of installation and durability results in a lower overall project cost.


Characteristics and Advantages of PE Pipes


1. Good Hygienic Performance :

– Non-toxic Material : PE pipes are made without heavy metal salt stabilizers, ensuring the material remains non-toxic.
– No Scaling Layer : Unlike some metal pipes, PE pipes do not develop scaling layers, which can hinder water flow and lead to contamination.
– Bacteria Resistance : The smooth inner surface prevents bacteria growth, addressing the issue of secondary pollution in urban water systems.

2. Excellent Corrosion Resistance :

– Chemical Resistance : PE pipes can withstand corrosion from a wide range of chemical substances, with the exception of a few strong oxidizers.
– Electrochemical Resistance : They do not suffer from electrochemical corrosion, which is a common problem in metal pipes.

3. Long Service Life :

– Durability : Under normal temperature and pressure conditions, PE pipes have a lifespan of over 50 years, making them a long-term investment for infrastructure.

4. Good Impact Resistance :

– Toughness : PE pipes are known for their high impact resistance and toughness, allowing them to withstand heavy loads without breaking.
– Durability Under Stress : They can handle the pressure of heavy objects and resist rupturing.

5. Reliable Connection Performance :

– Strong Joints : The joints created by hot-melt or electric-melt techniques are stronger than the pipe itself, ensuring no leaks or disconnections due to soil movement or external pressure.
– Stability : These reliable connections enhance the overall stability and integrity of the piping system.

6. Good Construction Performance :


Applications and Products by Hesu Zhongtong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.


Hesu Zhongtong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is a prominent manufacturer in this field, offering a range of high-quality PE pipe products:

PE Water Supply Pipes and Fittings : Essential for safe and reliable water distribution systems.
PE Drainage Pipes and Fittings : Used in various drainage applications.
– MPP Power Pipes : Specialized for power cable protection and installation.
Wire Mesh Skeleton Pipes : Reinforced pipes designed for added strength and durability.

In addition to these products, the company is involved in mold development, manufacturing, and the production of advanced molecular materials, contributing to innovation and quality inthe plastic pipe industry.


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