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Company name: hesu group of companies
Exhibition name: Singapore Construction Machinery and Construction Machinery Exhibition BuildTech Asia 2024
Exhibition time: 2024.3.19-21
Exhibition Hall Address: 1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150
Hall number: Hall 2 Booth number: C10

In March 2024, a grand construction machinery and construction exhibition will be held in Singapore. As one of the most influential construction technology exhibitions in Asia, BuildTech Asia will once again become an important event in the global construction industry.HESU group Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the highlights, exhibits and exhibitors of Singapore EXPO in detail, and help you appreciate the charm of construction machinery and construction technology.

[1. Exhibition Overview]

BuildTech Asia is one of the largest engineering machinery and construction exhibitions in Asia. It has been successfully held for twelve sessions since 2004. The exhibition is held annually and attracts outstanding companies, professional visitors and industry insiders from all over the world. BuildTech Asia in March 2024 will once again inject new vitality into the global construction industry.

[2. Exhibition Highlights]

1. Innovative technology display: BuildTech Asia will bring together the world’s leading engineering machinery and construction technology to showcase the latest technological innovations, including the application of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, drones and other technologies in the construction industry . 2. International exhibitors: Excellent companies from all over the world will participate in BuildTech Asia to showcase their products and technical capabilities. This will provide a unique opportunity to network with international colleagues. 3. Professional forums: A series of professional forums and seminars will be held during the exhibition to discuss hot issues and technological development trends in the construction industry. This will help broaden your horizons and understand industry trends. 4. Audience interactive experience: BuildTech Asia will set up an interactive audience experience area to allow audiences to experience the latest construction technologies and products. This will enhance the audience’s sense of participation and experience.

[3. Scope of Exhibits]

1. Construction machinery: excavators, loaders, cranes and other types of construction machinery; 2. Construction machinery: tower cranes, construction elevators, lifts and other construction machinery; 3. Construction materials and equipment: concrete, formwork, Scaffolding, steel processing machinery and other construction materials and equipment; 4. Construction vehicles: mixer trucks, transport trucks and other construction vehicles; 5. Intelligent building technology: intelligent building management systems, smart home systems, etc.; 6. Other related products and services.

[4. Conclusion]

The Singapore Construction Machinery and Construction Exhibition in March 2024: BuildTech Asia will undoubtedly become an event not to be missed. No matter which industry you are a business or professional visitor from, you can find the products, technologies and services you care about here. Let us look forward to this event together and inject new vitality into the global construction industry!



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