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Transforming Agriculture: HDPE Water Irrigation Pipeline System

Pipeline Supply and Delivery

In the realm of modern agriculture, the backbone of efficiency lies in robust irrigation systems. Our venture focuses on the supply and delivery of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) water irrigation pipes, specifically the OD63 PN16 SDR11 variant. This top-notch HDPE pipe, known for its resilience and performance, is set to revolutionize the agricultural landscape.

Precision in Design: OD63 PN16 SDR11

The heart of our offering is the OD63 PN16 SDR11 HDPE pipe. With an outer diameter of 63mm, a pressure rating of PN16, and a Standard Dimension Ratio (SDR) of 11, this pipe is engineered to

deliver optimum performance in demanding agricultural conditions. Its structural integrity ensures a reliable and efficient water distribution system crucial for crop health.

Empowering Agriculture: Application in Irrigation

The primary application of these HDPE pipes lies in the development of Agricultural Irrigation Pipeline Systems. These pipelines play a pivotal role in ensuring a consistent and controlled water supply to fields, promoting optimal crop growth. The flexibility and durability of HDPE make it the ideal choice for adapting to the dynamic needs of agricultural landscapes.

Value Proposition: US$47,014

In our commitment to advancing agricultural practices, the total value of this transformative project stands at US$47,014. This investment reflects not only the cost of materials but also the value of creating a sustainable and efficient irrigation infrastructure that contributes to increased crop yields and overall farm productivity.


As we embark on this journey to enhance agricultural irrigation, the HDPE water irrigation pipeline system becomes a symbol of innovation and progress. The application of OD63 PN16 SDR11 HDPE pipes marks a leap towards sustainable and effective water management in farming practices. With a keen focus on quality, precision, and value, our project is poised to elevate the standards of agricultural infrastructure, ensuring a greener and more productive future for farming communities.

Description: supply and delivery of HDPE water irrigation pipe, OD63 PN16 SDR11.

Application: Agricultural irrigation pipeline system.

Value: US$47,014


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