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HDPE Corrugated drainage pipe projects



The HDPE Corrugated drainage pipe projects in Brackley, Prince Edward Island, Canada, represent a crucial infrastructure initiative overseen by Campbell’s Concrete Ltd. from Charlottetown, PEI. The chosen HDPE pipe, specifically the SolfloMax, is a bell pipe featuring an integrated, gasketed spigot, manufactured by Soleno Inc. based in McAdams, New Brunswick, Canada.

Project Components


The entire project, from conception to execution, is a collaborative effort involving CBCL Consulting Engineers Ltd. from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, who spearheaded the design. The HDPE Corrugated drainage pipe, known for its durability and efficiency, is set to play a pivotal role in enhancing the region’s drainage infrastructure.

Campbell’s Concrete Ltd. will handle the pipe fittings and installation, ensuring that the implementation meets the highest standards. The choice of SolfloMax HDPE pipes underscores a commitment to quality and longevity in drainage solutions.

The project’s financial scope is outlined at a cost of $307,300 (U.S.), reflecting a comprehensive budget that encompasses the HDPE pipes, fittings, installation, and associated engineering and design services. This investment highlights the significance of the undertaking in addressing the region’s drainage needs effectively.

Soleno Inc., as the manufacturer of the chosen HDPE pipes, brings its expertise from McAdams, New Brunswick, adding a regional touch to the project. The integration of local manufacturers and consulting engineers underscores the commitment to regional development and the utilization of homegrown expertise.

Overall, the HDPE Corrugated drainage pipe projects in Brackley stand as a testament to strategic collaboration, local expertise, and a commitment to advancing infrastructure for the benefit of the community. The incorporation of high-quality HDPE pipes and the involvement of reputable entities ensure a robust and enduring solution to the drainage challenges faced in Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Owner:  Brackley; Prince Edward Island, Canada
Pipe, fittings, installation:  Campbell’s Concrete Ltd.; Charlottetown, PEI
Pipe:  SolfloMax, bell pipe with integrated, gasketed spigot (HDPE)
Manufacturer:  Soleno Inc.; McAdams, New Brunswick, Canada
Design:  CBCL Consulting Engineers Ltd.; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Project cost:  $307,300 (U.S.)


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