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Does MPP power pipe need a sealing ring?

There are several reasons why MPP power pipes usually do not require sealing rings:


  1.  One-piece design: MPP power pipes are usually manufactured through an one-piece (seamless) process, which means that during the manufacturing process of the pipe, the entire length of the pipe is integrated and there is no interface that needs to be sealed. Therefore, in normal use of the pipe, there will be no need for additional sealing rings at the connection points.
  2.  High corrosion resistance: The MPP pipe material itself has excellent corrosion resistance and usually does not require additional sealing measures. This makes MPP power pipes perform well in the transportation of some corrosive media.
  3. Hot welding connection: MPP power pipes usually use hot welding, which heats and melts the pipe ends at the pipe connection point and then connects them together. This connection method can achieve seamless connection at the pipe connection point, further reducing the need for sealing rings.

Although MPP power pipes usually do not require the use of sealing rings, in some specific application scenarios, some additional sealing measures may still be adopted according to specific engineering requirements.



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