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Why is the price of wire mesh skeleton pipe cheaper under the same conditions of use, while customers all choose the more expensive PE pipe?

When choosing pipes, although the price of wire mesh skeleton pipe is cheaper under the same conditions of use, customers often choose the more expensive PE pipe. The main reason is the different connection methods and the impact they bring.



Differences in connection methods


1. Hot melt welding (for PE pipes):


– Process: Use a hot melt machine to heat the pipe to the melting temperature, melt the two ends of the pipe, and then press them together to weld them at high temperature.

– Features: simple and fast, no additional power equipment is required, and the construction is convenient.

2. Electric fusion welding (for wire mesh skeleton pipes):


– Process: Use an electric fusion machine and electric fusion pipe fittings, heat the pipes and pipe fittings through the electric fusion machine to melt them, and the melted pipes and pipe fittings are kept heated for a certain period of time and then connected together.

– Features: Additional electric fusion pipe fittings and electric fusion machines are required, the construction process is complicated, the time is long, and the equipment cost is high.

Reasons why customers prefer PE pipes

1. Cost considerations:


– Although the price of wire mesh skeleton pipes is lower, the construction cost of electrofusion welding is higher. Electrofusion welding requires the purchase and maintenance of electrofusion machines and additional electrofusion pipe fittings, which increases the overall cost.

2. Convenience:

– The hot melt welding of PE pipes is simpler and faster, does not require complex equipment and technology, and the training cost and operation difficulty of construction personnel are lower, which has advantages in construction efficiency and labor costs.

3. Construction time and flexibility:

– Hot melt welding takes a shorter time, the construction site is more flexible, and the installation can be completed faster. This is especially important in some engineering projects with tight time or frequent connections.

Therefore, although wire mesh skeleton pipes have more advantages in material cost, considering the construction cost, convenience and time factors, customers often choose to use PE pipes.



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