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23 years of experience in this business.

Located in Zhengzhou,Henan province,China,Henan Hesu Group Co.,Ltd was originally established in 1998 and started its 1st step of export in the year of 2007. Henan Hesu Group Co., Ltd.,a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the the production and sales of the new plastic pipe and providing professional and complete pipe solution. 

Our company persists in the core values of “integrity’ and which adheres to the corporate tenet of “realistic innowation, serving the society” . The company insist on positioning the high-end market and provides healthy and green quality life for the majority of users.

True to its core value of “integrity”, Henan Hesu Group Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a world-class material provider, and which adhere to the corporate tenet of “realistic innovation, serving the society”. We insists on positioning the high-end market and provides healthy and green quality life for the majority of users.

Henan Hesu Group Co., Ltd., established in August 1998, has been unwavering in its commitment to manufacturing and providing comprehensive plumbing solutions for a diverse range of industries including construction, mining, chemical, agriculture, farming, and aquaculture.

In August 2003, the company earned the prestigious title of “Advanced Enterprise in Henan,” distinguishing itself as an industry leader by being one of the first to pass the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in its sector. This recognition marked a significant milestone in Henan Hesu’s journey towards excellence.

By August 2012, Henan Hesu’s relentless pursuit of quality and innovation led to its inclusion in the “Top 100 Henan Light Industry Enterprises.” This accolade further cemented its position as a frontrunner in the industry.

In August 2017, the company expanded its physical footprint, establishing a vast complex of 150,000 square meters of large warehouses in a building materials market near the airport. This expansion not only increased its operational capacity but also its ability to serve a broader market.

Continuing its legacy of innovation and societal contribution, Henan Hesu, in August 2019, reaffirmed its dedication to the corporate tenet of “Realistic Innovation, Serving the Society.” The company has consistently positioned itself in the high-end market, ensuring the delivery of healthy and green quality products and services.

A significant achievement came in March 2021 when Henan Hesu successfully obtained the IOS9001, 14001, and 45001 Quality Management System Certification. This accomplishment on March 24, 2021, not only reinforced the company’s commitment to quality and excellence but also demonstrated its dedication to establishing and improving management systems and standardizing management processes.

Through these milestones, Henan Hesu Group Co., Ltd. has continually evolved and positioned itself as a leader in the field, dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality solutions, and contributing positively to society and the environment.







Drawing from the rich legacy and forward-thinking ethos of Henan Hesu Group Co., Ltd., our team is a dynamic and skilled assembly of professionals dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the industry. Comprised of experienced engineers, innovative designers, dedicated manufacturing specialists, and an adept administrative staff, our team is the driving force behind our trailblazing success.

United by a shared commitment to excellence, our team members bring a diverse range of expertise to the table. From pioneering new plumbing solutions to navigating complex industry challenges, each member plays a crucial role in delivering the quality and innovation that Henan Hesu Group is renowned for. Our engineers and designers are at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that every product we create meets the evolving needs of the construction, mining, chemical, agriculture, farming, and aquaculture industries.

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