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2023 Pipe Market Analysis

Analysis of development trends and market status of pipe fittings and pipes industry in 2023

Pipe fittings and pipes are essential for construction projects, serving various purposes such as water supply, drainage, gas, heating, electrical conduits, and rainwater systems. In China, the pipe fittings and pipes industry has seen stable development, entering a phase of structural optimization and improved quality.

Advancements in science and technology have shaped the evolution of pipes used in home decoration. They have progressed from ordinary cast iron pipes to cement pipes and further to ductile iron pipes, galvanized steel pipes, plastic pipes, and aluminum-plastic composite pipes.

Drainage and sewage pipes are basic building materials. They are the “three connections” necessary for any building and an indispensable blood vessel in urban construction. The ultra-large-scale urbanization process will bring huge changes to the drainage and sewage pipe industry in at least the next ten years. need.


Analysis of market status of pipe fittings and pipe industry

Public facilities, water conservancy and environment, transportation, and power supply are the main areas of infrastructure investment. Key construction projects focus on transportation facilities like roads, railways, rail transit, and airports. Also, emphasis is on infrastructure such as municipal administration, water conservancy, and power supply. Plans for transportation poverty alleviation and power building are underway, aiming for high-quality rural roads, highways, rail transit, and high-speed rail with sustained high performance.

According to the analysis of <China’s Pipe Fittings and Pipe Industry Market Supply and Demand Pattern Analysis and Investment Prospects Research Report 2023-2028> by the China Industrial Research Institute:

PVC pipe firms initially thrived with low prices but face challenges due to rising costs. Competitors entering the market exploit polyethylene’s advantages, like lower price increases and no lead ban issues. This surge in polyethylene pipes extends into urban and rural water supply and drainage markets. PVC companies grapple with internal and external challenges in this evolving landscape.

The main uses of PVC Electrical Conduit and fittings:

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is produced by combining acetylene gas with hydrogen chloride to form vinyl chloride, which is then polymerized. PVC is commonly used in manufacturing pipes for gas and liquid delivery, waste gas sewage systems, and detoxification towers.

In sectors like textiles and chemicals, PVC serves as a versatile substitute for other corrosion-resistant materials. It proves useful in crafting storage tanks, centrifugal pumps, ventilators, and joints, offering notable mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Swift urban construction and improved sewage treatment are expected to drive an annual growth rate of over 12% in the domestic demand for plastic pipes. Additionally, it finds application in cable sheaths, acid-base hoses, insulation layers, and more, thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance and electrical insulation.

Advantages of PVC pipe fittings:

  1. Polyethylene pipes with carbon black resist aging and have a long service life. They endure outdoor storage without UV damage, ensuring lasting durability.
  2. Good chemical corrosion resistance: It can withstand corrosion from a variety of media, and substances present in the soil will not degrade the pipeline. Polyethylene is an electrical insulator, so it will not rot, rust or electrochemical corrosion;
  3. Good wear resistance: The wear resistance of this product is 4 times that of steel pipes. In the field of slurry transportation, compared with steel pipes, PVC pipes have better wear resistance, which means that PVC pipes have a longer service life and better economy.
  4. Polyethylene pipes are joined securely through electric heat fusion, creating joints stronger than the pipes themselves.
  5. Good low-temperature impact resistance: Polyethylene has an extremely low low-temperature catalytic temperature and can be used safely in the temperature range of -60-60°C. During winter construction, pipe brittleness will not occur due to the good impact resistance of the material.

Compared with the foreign PVC pipe market conditions, domestic plastic drainage pipe products have price advantages in the international market, are receiving more and more attention.


Pipe fittings and pipe industry development trend analysis


My country’s economy is booming, and with the shift to environmentally friendly plastic pipes, the market is embracing these changes. The energy-efficient pipe sector is brimming with opportunities, growing four times faster than the overall pipe market. New products like steady-state pipes, butt welding, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, steel-plastic composite pipes, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hollow wall winding pipes are emerging, signaling a dynamic market.

Swift urban construction and improved sewage treatment are driving a projected annual growth of over 12% in domestic demand for plastic pipes.Plastic pipes find wide applications in water supply, drainage, heating, and gas systems. The future looks promising, especially for large-diameter underground pipes.

Over 4,000 companies in the country manufacture metal pipe fittings vital for national economic sustainability. These include petroleum, natural gas, municipal engineering, insulation, and refrigeration fittings. Among them, 1,900 actively engage in metal pipe fitting production, valued for their specificity and wide application across diverse economic sectors.


The report examines the current state of China’s pipe fittings and pipes industry, including sub-industries, upstream and downstream sectors, market supply and demand, and new technologies. It focuses on analyzing the industry’s development status, challenges, and company strategies. The report also delves into the global trends of the pipe fittings and pipes industry, providing insights and trend analysis.



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